Maroc Challenge

For the upcoming edition we provide interesting Premium Packs & Logistics


The Maroc Challenge : A typical day of rally / raid


The Maroc Challenge is a low cost raid compared to other raids. It is a simple definition but has as many nuances as participants, because each team lives the Maroc their own way and the most incredible thing is that we all fit in; those with experience who come to compete, those who have never participated in a raid before and come just for the fun of it, and also those who dream of crossing Morocco without even touching a proper road but prefer the protection of an organization, and also those who are simply seeking an adventure. And that is the one thing we can guarantee everybody! 

Moreover it is important to discover what it is you are looking for in the Maroc Challenge, because sometimes we are surprised when we find something we never even knew we came for and that is perhaps the true spirit of the Maroc.


The day begins with a briefing

The briefing is a meeting at which all teams must be present. Remember that each team selects their own accommodation, some are camping, others in a hotel. But this is the moment when we all get together.

Different aspects of the day’s event are discussed at the briefing, and although the Guide Book specifies all critical points of each stage, the briefing serves to stress all relevant aspects of the event before the start, as well as necessary recommendations to complete the stage with the least possible incidents.

The stage starts after the briefing

This is always a moment of stress and nervousness, and it is important to start out having reviewed all the material and loaded the vehicle beforehand, etc . . . Our personal recommendation for a good start, is that despite whatever time we managed the night before to fix our mechanical problems, set up our tent, share Mum’s tupperware of lentils or granddad’s grog with our rivals: the early bird catches the worm.

Therefore, get up early, enjoy the shower (if there is one), toilet (ditto), and have a good hearty breakfast, you never know when you will find a shower, toilet, or hot food again.

The stage

This is both the best and the worst. Each team tests their driving skills and orientation. You must follow the prescribed route and go through the respective control points. It’s difficult not to put on the handbrake, forget about everything and just enjoy the breathtaking scenery that Morocco offers and that changes every day. Problems will arise, some may be solved with companionship and a sling, others require companionship and mechanics, and others…

Finally, each stage is a surprise and those involved find themselves before new challenges and concerns. Some people just come for a ride and suddenly discover themselves well positioned in the ranking and thus awakes the competitive spirit; others come to compete and yet abandon themselves to the luxury of enjoying the scenery, the people, the lamb kebabs on the street stalls and a bit of good old Carpe Diem!

The arrival

Is unpredictable, some teams arrive on time; others arrive late at night with a compass in their hands. You reach the end of each stage quite exhausted, and perhaps it’s the adrenaline, but… nevertheless most people arrive exhilarated and happy to continue sharing Tupperware’s, wrenches, tagines, hariras and anecdotes.


For the upcoming Maroc Challenge it is also possible to rent a well prepared vehicle from the organization as part of a premium car pack. And when you are participating with your own 4x4 or 4x2 car, you can benefit from our group discount to take your (vintage?) vehicle to the start in the South of Spain by a professional long haul car transport company. 


Rental Options for the Maroc Challenge

As part of a premium pack you can rent a fully equipped 4x4 vehicle from the organization in Malaga (Spain), close to the International Airport. There is a free shuttle service from the airport to the private parking facilities where the cars will be stationed. After picking-up your 4x4 it's a free drive of approx 1 hour to the port of Motril, or approx 2 hours to the port of Almeria, depending on which ferry service the organization has booked for your edition. You will there meet with the other participants and drive on to the ferry in group. Obviously the cars provided by the organization are in line with all technical and adminstrative requirements and you do not have to take part in the compulsary pre-start checks.

Alternatively, a limited number of 4x4 cars of the organization are available in Nador (Morocco) at the ferry landing point. This way you can fly direct to and from Nador and will join the group when the ferry arrives in Morocco (and the actual stages begin). Limited availability means that booking of this option is on the basis of first come, first served ... 

All cars provided by the organization are fully prepared 4x4 vehicles, perfectly suited for this type of Challenge (Nissan Patrol RD28 3D, 5D or pick-up). They are equipped with all the obligatory technical and (pre-installed) safety devices and 1 GPS navigation tablet with pre-installed routes, tracks and waypoints. Check out the entire premium pack formula in the Maroc Challenge tour descriptions.


Long Haul Car Tansport Service to the South of Spain

For people from Northern countries participating with their own car, we facilitate a professional car transport service from Belgium to the South of Spain and back (approx 2.000km one-way). That way you (short flight) and your car (on transport) are sure to arrive at the start of the Challenge in the right condition. Cars are grouped in our logisitc hub in Belgium (in between Brussels and Antwerp) one week before the start of the Challenge. Parking in Belgium is free (in a gated property of the transport company). We secured a group rate of 750€/car (one-way). Depending on the size 6 to 8 vehicles are loaded per truck and it normally takes 3-4 days for the truck to arrive in Malaga (Spain), where the cars will be stalled in a secured private parking for 1 or 2 more days. Price for the private parking in Malaga is 30€/day to be paid at the counter when you pick up your car. 

Price for the return is also 750€/car (one-way) when pre-booked via our group discount. However, please bear in mind that when for any reason you (your car) does not make it back to Malaga for the group return, the transport company will charge a 'no-show' penalty. So if you're not confident that your car will make it back to Malaga, it might be wiser not to pre-book for the return and pay some extra days of parking before we can book you on a next service leaving from Malaga. And although we will try to persuade the transporter into a commercial gesture for this case(s), such a 'free return' will probably end-up being somewhat higher in price too ...    

You can make your (pre-booked) reservation for only one-way (800€/car) or both ways (1.600€/car) by mail to upon which we will send you all further details by mail in due time.