Logisitcs/Car Haulage


Long Haul Car Tansport Service to the South of Spain


For people from Northern countries participating with their own car, we can facilitate a professional car transport service from Belgium to the South of Spain and back (approx 2.000km one-way). That way you can fly iso drive to the south of Spain and arrive at the start of the Challenge in optimal condition (both you and your car ...) Cars are grouped in a logisitc hub in Belgium (in between Brussels and Antwerp) one week before the start of the Challenge. Parking in Belgium is free (in a gated property of the transport company). Based on the demand we will secure a group rate. Depending on the size 6 to 8 vehicles are loaded per truck and it normally takes 3-4 days for the truck to arrive in Malaga (Spain), where the cars will be stalled in a secured private parking for 1 or 2 more days. Price for the private parking in Malaga is about 30€/day to be paid at the counter when you pick up your car. 

You can book for only one way or return included. However, please bear in mind that when for any reason your car does not make it back to Malaga by the time of the group return, the transport company will charge a 'no-show' penalty. So if you're not confident that your car will make it back to Malaga, it might be wiser not to pre-book for the return and pay some extra days of parking before we can book you on a next service leaving from Malaga. And although we will try to persuade the transporter into a commercial gesture, a 'free return' will probably end-up being somewhat higher in price too ...